*****CLASS NEWS****

We have started our Math Amazing Race! This allows students to get extra practice with specific, targeted individual skills that students need that little extra help on. They rotate from station to station based on the standard that they need the most help in. As a whole, we are reviewing division, decimals and fractions.

In reading, we continue to work on Reading Comprehension including using inference and context clues to understand what words and phrases in the text means. We are focusing on being able to provide text evidence to support each answer including using R.A.C.E format for open ended questions.  In small groups, we are targeting specific grammar areas for extra practice such as homophones and how to edit using correct punctuation.

Science & Social Studies: We will continue our unit on Organisms and  the Great Depression and will utilize Reading Comprehension skills to support what we learn in these subjects.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email at or send me a message through ClassDojo!

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Unfortunately, our 4th grade co-teachers have been scheduled for an important meeting after school on this Thursday, March 30th therefore, our final meeting of the after-school tutoring group for Reading will not be held.

We would all like to thank each and every parent for supporting our efforts and our scholars' efforts to hone our reading and math skills through the after school program. We feel it has been a great success and look forward to working with you to support your students through the last quarter.

Thank you!