Behavior Plan and Expectations

Our students have so much potential, and are full of dreams and hopes. In order for many of these life attributes to be achieved we have high expectations of each of your students. OACS students know classroom procedures, expectations, and OACS policies, many of our students have attended this school for several years. We do use Champs behavior board, in our rooms. In order to really help the student with appropriate reactions to issues that are chronic or escalating to the office referral,
Mr. Nemcik and I have communicated and agreed to the following behavior plan. Students get 3 verbal warnings, then will be given a paper titled,"Action Plan". The student declares, "What he/she did incorrectly, What he/she should have done", and "What he/she will do in the future" to make sure the misbehavior does not reoccur. Student takes this paper home, discusses with the parent/parents. Parent signs and the student signs. This procedure has worked in the past to make sure a student has chances before an office referral has to be used.