Behavior Plan and Expectations

Second Grade Co-Teach
At Oakland Avenue Charter School, we follow the CHAMPS behavior system. A color chart is displayed in the classroom. Students enter the classroom and begin each day on Green. Green indicates that the student’s behavior is on task. If poor choices are made, the student will move his/her color to Yellow. Yellow indicates a behavior that needs to be improved. Once the behavior is improved, the student will move his/her color back to green. If poor choices are continually made, the student will move his/her color to Red and a classroom referral will be completed by the classroom teacher and parents will be notified. The student will be encouraged to make positive choices in class and will have the opportunity to change color back to green. If a student made exceptionally positive choices in class while on green, the student will move to Blue. Blue is the highest level.  




This year OACS has installed a new behavior system specific to the Special Area classes: PE, Art, Living Well, Math Games, Science Lab, and Technology.  


Your students are already very aware of this system, but we wanted to put in writing for all families to read and understand.  


Each day, every classroom visits a Special Area class during their scheduled Specials time.  All students are expected to follow all rules, procedures, and expectations for each classroom.   At the end of the class period the class will be given a class color based on the majority behavior (Blue, Green, Yellow, Red).  If the majority of the class is following the rules and expectations, then the class will receive a Green.  If the majority of the class is exceeding the expectations, they will receive a Blue.  If the class receives 3 warnings for not following a rule, they will receive a Yellow.  If they get a 4th warning, then the class will receive a Red.  If a class receives 2 Reds or 4 Yellows (or 1 Red and 2 Yellows), then that class will not be allowed to participate in the Special Area Reward Day at the end of the quarter. ***Classes can cancel out a Yellow with 5 consecutive days of Blues/Greens and can cancel out a Red with 10 consecutive days of Blues/Greens. ***


If there are individual behavior issues resulting in 3 or more verbal warnings during a class period, then that student will receive a red Warning Ticket.  If a child receives 5 or more Warning Tickets in a quarter, then the child will not participate in the Special Area Reward Day at the end of the quarter.  If you see a red ticket come home in your child's agenda, please look at it to see what special area and what the behavior code is.  Use this to discuss the incident with your child and use it as a learning point to hopefully prevent the same things from happening again.  


As mentioned above, at the end of each quarter, we will have a Special Area Reward Day.  We will have all classes/individuals that have earned it go outside and have a little party instead of specials.  We will have music, dancing, and games.  We will even have a special treat for the class with the most Blues.  All classes/individuals who have not earned the Reward Day will go to one of the Special Area classrooms and participate in a regular class period instead.  Everyone starts fresh on the first day of the following quarter.   


Thank you for your time and support!


The Specials Team