Grade Level Goals and Expectations





During Morning Work students are:


* Independently practicing and reviewing grade level skills in language and math


During Literature Based Reading students are:


* Working on comprehension strategies to help them better understand complex text

* Reading and discussing fiction and nonfiction texts

* Making connections between stories, within stories, and to their own lives

* Writing responses to literature


During Reading Centers students are:


* Cooperatively and independently working on reading, writing, and language skills

* Receiving small group instruction

* Using computers and iPads to enhance their learning experience as well as improve their computer skills


During Writing students are:


* Writing to communicate to an audience for a variety of purposes: to entertain, to inform, to persuade

* Building writing endurance and stamina

* Using the writing process to improve their writing

* Applying appropriate grammar skills: subject-verb agreement, complex sentence structure, supporting ideas with evidence


During Whole Group Math students are:


* Learning Addition/Subtraction Strategies, Place Value, Money, Patterns, Fractions, Time, Measurement, Add/Subtract 3 digit Numbers, Exploring 4 digit Numbers


During Math Centers students are:


* Utilizing cooperative learning through the use of hands on math activities

* Using iPads/computers to get an interactive learning experience

* Receiving small group instruction


During Science students are:


* Learning about Scientific Method, Earth's Surface, Weather, Matter, Energy, Forces, Motion, Human Body, and Life Cycles

* Using the iPads for a more interactive look into topics

* Demonstrating their knowledge of subjects through application and writing


During Social Studies students are:


* Learning about Rules/Responsibility, Good Citizenship, History/Time, Technology, Explorers, Native Americans, Pilgrims, Maps/Globes, Presidents/Patriots, American Symbols, Florida, Inventors, Resources, Goods/Services, Money/Markets

* Using iPads to help students enhance Social Studies concepts

Honor Roll Expectations:

Honor Roll

  • receive all A's and/or B's in academics on their report card


Principal’s Honor Roll

  • receive all As in academics
  • receive all O's or S's for Social Development and Work Habits