Behavior Plan and Expectations

The students will follow OCPS' Code of Student Conduct along with Oakland Avenue Charter School's student code of conduct. 

On campus, we follow the CHAMPS color system. In our class, we use clothes pins to keep track of each student's color status. 

Blue- Went above and beyond classroom expectations. 
Green- Right on target.

Yellow- Behavior requires some redirection.
Red- Behavior has not improved. A phone call home/email/note in agenda will be made.  
Our class also has a set of classroom procedures the students will follow daily. All procedures are displayed in the classroom. 

Please check your student's agenda nightly to see what color they earned and initial next to each date.

Grading Scale:
A= 90-100
B= 80-89
C= 70-79
D= 60-69
F= 59 and below


Honor Roll= receive all As and Bs on their report card
Principal's Honor Roll= receive all As in academics AND receive all Os or Ss for Social Development/ Work Habits