2nd Grade Weekly Update


We had a great week learning about the skeleton and lungs and preparing for the Eagle Pride Parade!

Next week we will be working on the following topics in class:

Reading: Main Idea, texts: Ears, Eyes, Mouth, Nose   (Spelling test – rules for ir  and ur) (cold read quiz on main idea)

Writing: Continuing Poetry and understanding comparative language

Math: Tiling within Rectangles (subtraction math facts timed test) (Tiling quiz)

Science: Human Body: 5 Senses and Stomach (Digestive System Quiz)


2nd Grade VIP Poetry Picnic – Friday, May 19th at 1:00-1:30 in the OACS courtyard – please return the bottom part of the invitation

OACS Literacy Night – Monday, May 15th from 5:30-6:30

Bring back library books to return soon.

Many Flat Stanley’s have returned from their adventures so far…we are hoping to get more soon. If your Flat Stanley came back to your house, please send him with the letter to school so we may read about his adventures.

Check out the Oakland Avenue Charter School website at for current information about our school and classroom.

Continue to check Progress Book to see your child’s grades​ for Quarter 4, we are half way now!

Homework:  Students are expected to be on IReady on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights for 15 minutes per day. Mondays and Tuesdays they will do IReady Math and on Wednesdays they will do IReady Reading. Please continue to encourage your child to be on IReady lessons at home as it is an important aspect of their academics here at OACS.

Have a great weekend!

Volunteer Hours

I can always use a helping hand in and out of the classroom! I appreciate the help very much! Listed below are some of the tasks I could use volunteers for, but I always will send out an email if other tasks need volunteers.

In the Classroom                                            Outside the Classroom

Sight word practice                                       Making math facts flashcards                   

Math fact practice                                         Sharpening pencils

Making copies of materials                          Donating class snacks

Laminating materials                                  Donating other needed supplies (see my wish list below)

My Classroom Wish List

-extra snacks for the class snack time
-small personal laminator laminating sheets 
-index cards
-plastic silverware 
-Band aids
-clear plastic cups 
-white computer paper
-lined notebook paper