Grade Level Goals and Expectations

The content below discusses many skills that 2nd graders learn, practice, and are assessed on according to the Florida and Common Core State Standards. Please refer to to review all skills/standards specifically.

During Morning Work students are:


* Independently practicing and reviewing grade level skills in language arts and math


During Literature Based Reading students are:


* Working on comprehension strategies to help them better understand complex text

* Reading and discussing fiction and nonfiction texts

* Making connections between stories, within stories, and to their own lives

* Writing responses to literature


During Reading Centers students are:


* Cooperatively and independently working on reading, writing, and language skills

* Receiving small group instruction

* Using computers and iPads to enhance their learning experience as well as improve their computer skills


During Writing students are:


* Writing to communicate to an audience for a variety of purposes: to entertain, to inform, to persuade

* Building writing endurance and stamina

* Using the writing process to improve their writing

* Applying appropriate grammar skills: subject-verb agreement, complex sentence structure, supporting ideas with evidence


During Whole Group Math students are:


* Learning Addition/Subtraction Strategies, Place Value, Money, Patterns, Fractions, Time, Measurement, Add/Subtract 3 digit Numbers, Exploring 4 digit Numbers


During Math Centers students are:


* Utilizing cooperative learning through the use of hands on math activities

* Using iPads/computers to get an interactive learning experience

* Receiving small group instruction


During Science students are:


* Learning about The Scientific Method, Earth's Surface, Weather, Matter, Energy, Forces, Motion, Human Body, and Life Cycles

* Using the iPads for a more interactive look into topics

* Demonstrating their knowledge of subjects through application and writing


During Social Studies students are:


* Learning about Rules/Responsibility, Good Citizenship, History/Time, Technology, Explorers, Native Americans, Pilgrims, Maps/Globes, Presidents/Patriots, American Symbols, Florida, Inventors, Resources, Goods/Services, Money/Markets

* Using iPads to help students enhance Social Studies concepts