Our second grade homework policy is that homework will be completed each night of the school week. Students will receive one basic math skills worksheet on Wednesday nights and all other nights students will be expected to be on I-Ready reading and math lessons. Students should have at least one reading and one math lesson done by the end of the week each week. Your child has their I-Ready username and password stapled to the first page of their agenda in their agenda binder. Their math worksheet on Wednesdays will be in the front pocket of their agenda binder.

Below is the website to log into I-Ready:

Your child is also to be reading for at least 30 minutes each night with a book at their reading level. Homework is always due the following morning of when it was assigned and will be checked in class.

If you do not have internet access regularly, please contact me (see the communication page) so we can come up with a plan for your child to complete their I-Ready homework.