Hello Parents,

Listed below is our weekly update of important reminders and upcoming events going on in our classroom and around the school. Please take the time to review these things.

Thank you to the parents who came out to chaperone our field trip today. We had a great time at the Orlando Science Center and could not have done it without your help!

This week, in Reading and Social Studies, we have been learning about the holiday, Kwanzaa. The kids really seemed to love learning songs and doing craftivities teaching about this amazing holiday. Please ask them to share what they have been learning at home. Next week, we will be studying Hanukkah and learning about that holiday.

In Math, we wrapped up our ten more and ten less unit and are now heading into 2 dimensional shapes. Please be sure to do a scavenger hunt at home with your children, pointing out the various shapes that can be seen in your home in a variety of objects.

We have our upcoming Art of the Season holiday rotations coming up on Wednesday, December 20th. Our party will have rotations to EACH 1st grade classroom taking place from approximately 11:45-1:00pm. WE ARE IN DESPERATE NEED OF SUPPLIES AND PARENT VOLUNTEERS. We will have 90 first graders circulating through each classroom to do a craft in that time period and we cannot do this without IN  PERSON help and DONATIONS to purchase these supplies. Please consider signing up to help us on the Bloomz sign up! Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation.

On Thursday, December 21st, we will have our Polar Expres/Pajama/Cocoa Party. We do not need in person volunteers for this celebration, but we do require the supplies that are listed on the BLOOMZ sign up sheet. Please help us with this matter.

We have a flu bug going through the school, so please be sure to encourage your children to wash their hands and use sanitizer regularly. We have been wiping down our desks, chairs, hooks, and handles to try to keep this at bay, but we need your assistance in helping with this matter.

Our Student of the Month for the month of November is Miles. He was selected for the character trait of Thankfulness and anyone who knows Miles knows that he is very appreciative for all that he has. Please congratulate him if you see him on campus.

That is all that we have for now. We hope you have an enjoyable weekend!

Mrs. Dziorney and Mrs. Shope