Behavior Plan and Expectations

Daily Behavior Management
At OACS, the whole school follows the classroom management system CHAMPS. The CHAMPS board sets expectations for students to follow throughout the different activities we do during the day.

     CHAMPS stands for:







How the color system works in our classroom
Your child’s color will be determined through a card system. Each day your child will start out with 5 green cards. If your child displays exceptional behavior they will be able to earn more green cards. If your child makes poor choices and does not respond to warnings they will lose cards. At the end of the day your child will receive or lose points on Bloomz based on their daily color.

          • 7 or more cards - blue (+2 Bloomz points)
          • 4-6 cards - green (+1 Boomz point)
          • 3 cards - yellow (-1 Bloomz point)
          • 0-2 cards - red (-2 Bloomz points)

How Bloomz points work

  • Your child can earn positive and negative points based on their behavior. They can earn positive points by things like following directions, helping others, having a clean work space, etc. Your child can earn negative points by things like being off task, not following directions, being disruptive, etc. 
  • You can track their behavior by checking their behavior report every day. This is a great tool to use when discussing your child's behavior at the end of the day and having them reflect on their choices! 

Individual Bloomz Point Rewards

  • 25 points- Choice of new pencil, eraser, or bookmark
  • 50 points- Choice card
  • 100 points- Treasure chest
Whole Class Bloomz Point Rewards

  • 100 points - Extra Recess
  • 200 points - Crazy Sock Day
  • 300 points - Board Game Day
  • 400 points - Popsicle Party