Behavior Plan and Expectations

Daily Behavior Management
At OACS, the whole school follows the classroom management system CHAMPS. The CHAMPS board sets expectations for students to follow throughout the different activities we do during the day.

     CHAMPS stands for:







We change the CHAMPS board at the start of each activity so all students are aware of what is expected during that activity. If students do not follow the CHAMPS board, then I use a combination of Dojo points and colors as consequences.

Blue - your child went above and beyond to have a great day!

Green - your child had good day!   

Yellow – behavior did not change despite receiving reminders!  

Red - behavior did not change despite repeated reminders! 

How Dojo points work

  • Classroom Dojo points will be given to students who are on task and following directions. These points can be tracked on the Dojo app or website. 
  • If a student is not following the CHAMPS board, they are reminded about their behavior. If the behavior continues, the student loses a dojo point. These points can also be tracked on the Dojo app or website

Dojo point reward system

  • 25 points- new pencil
  • 50 points- choose brain break video of the day
  • 75 points- treasure chest
  • 100 points- lunch with a friend and Ms. Howard

How colors work

 •Each day, students begin with a clip on green.  

 •If students are spoken to about behavior after a dojo point has been taken, they will move their clip to yellow.

 •If choices are still not corrected, they will be asked to move to red.

 •If they begin to correct behavior, they have the opportunity to move their clip back to green.   If the students are on green or higher, they have had a good day. 

 •Students earning a blue clip means they exceeding the expectations and are setting an example for the class.