Grade Level Goals and Expectations



Language Arts


·         Recognize letter-sound relationships

·         Recognize grade-appropriate sight words

·         Identify and generate rhyming words

·         Use a reading strategies when confronted with an unknown word

·         Blend and segment words

·         Read on a C level in the A-Z reader



·         Identify characters, setting, events, problem and solution in the story

·         Sequence story events

·         Make predictions in a story and ask appropriate questions regarding the story

·         Compare and contrast stories and characters in the story

·         Understand main idea and details



·         Write legibly using correct letter shape, size and spacing

·         Express ideas in at least 2 sentences using inventive spelling and known sight words

·         Interpret own writing

·         Write a sentence using a capital letter, punctuation mark, and finger spaces

·         Write an expository and narrative piece and managing to stay on topic


Speaking and Listening

·         Listen effectively by looking at speaker and sitting quietly

·         Responds to and asks appropriate questions

·         Speaks effectively with using appropriate volume

·         Participate in class discussions





·         Complete and produce patterns

·         Recognizes and writes numbers 0-20

·         Count by 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s to 100

·         Ordinal numbers



·         Solve simple addition and subtraction problems



·         Sort objects using varying attributes



·         Identify shapes

·         Put shapes together to form a picture


·         Identify the five senses

·         Learn about living things

·         Learn features of the night and daytime sky

·         Identify how things move

·         Identify how animals communicate and how they camouflage themselves

·         Identify states of matter

·         Learn about the life cycle of animals

 Social Studies

·         Identify helpers that live in our community

·         Name the months of the year

·         Name the four seasons

·         Identify different holidays celebrated in the United States

·         Recognize a map and what it is used for