Behavior Plan and Expectations

Behavior Expectations


CHAMPs Behavior Chart


OACS uses a school-wide proactive and positive behavior expectation system called CHAMPs.
For those of you that haven't heard of CHAMPs, it stands for

Conversation - Can students talk during this activity?

Help - How can students get assistance during this activity?

Activity - What are students doing?

Movement - Can students move during the activity?

Participation - What does active participation look like?

Success - What we can expect when we follow expectations!

How it works: We update and review our CHAMPs chart at the beginning of each lesson to review behavioral
expectations.  I really like that the expectations are clearly stated at the beginning of the lesson, because at this age many of them need the reminder.  The kids really get a hang of the chart and can even help to update it before we begin our lesson!  

***A Color Chart is Displayed in the Classroom***  

Students enter the classroom and begin each day on GREEN.

Colors for daily behavior...

Blue - means that I had an AWESOME day and I went above and beyond what was expected of me.

Green - means that I had a great day.

 - means that I had a few warnings to make good choices and I did not change my behavior.

 - means that I had several warnings to make good choices and I did not change my behavior.

 ***The students will be encouraged to make positive choices throughout the day and will always
have the opportunity to change their magnet back to GREEN.***