Grade level happenings

Quarter 3 Recap for Tech:

Grade K-3: Kindergarten through 3rd grade students spent mcuh of quarter 3 learning about internet safety and how to be good digital citizens.  We watched videos to learn various rules and tips for how to be safe and responsible while surfing the net.  We played games to reinforce the new skills we had learned.  We dived in to learn about internet research.  In our classroom we use (we call it Google Kids).  This is a search engine that uses Google, but has more filters to be a little safer for kids to use.  We learned how to come up with a good search query and how to read the search results to determine which websites/webpages will be useful to our research.  2nd and 3rd graders even began learning about plagiarism and copyright.  We then used our new skills to do some group research in the classroom.  We will be continuing to do research here and there during quarter 4 as well.   

K-3 also worked in some coding lessons and activities this quarter.  We started from directing a friend through a maze with our words, to a board game using arrows, to various levels of coding games on

Grades 4 - 5: These classes began working on general computer skills lessons that are provided by OCPS.  These lessons teach students about basic computer vocabulary, internet safety and communication, and how to use Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  Each lesson has training videos and learning labs where students must apply what they learned in the videos.  These lessons are training activities leading toward a digital tools certificate.  All students in OCPS grades 4 and up are given the opportunities to work towards these various certificates.  After completing the training sessions and practice tests, any students who have passed all portions will then be able to take a certification test to try for the certificate.  This is an ongoing process throughout the upper elementary and middle school grades.  If or when I have any students who are ready to take the certification exam, a letter will first go home to the parents.  As of right now, I don’t have any students who are near finishing the program. 

Grades 4-5 also started keyboarding lessons this quarter.  The lessons are to reinforce what I have taught them about proper home row positioning.  Many students weren’t taking it seriously when we were using games to practice our typing!   The lessons are great because they go in a logical order and they only introduce 2 new keys at a time, but then after each lesson pull in all of the previously learned keys for a review.  Next quarter we will introduce tests which follow the same format, but the students will have a keyboard skin covering the keys so they can’t see which letters are where. 

Looking ahead to Quarter 4:

Grades K-3:  Students will be participating in various activities to review and reinforce the skills they have learned throughout the year.  We will be working in more activities on the iPads in Q4 – QR codes, video creation using various apps, how to share things we create.  We will also work in additional research activities when possible.

Grades 4-5: Students will continue working on the CAPE activities offered through OCPS.  Students are also working on keyboarding skills through lessons and tests (keys are covered during tests).