Grade Level Happenings

​In Science class the students are scientists.  We will be starting off the year "observing" and recording data, making sure our information is based on evidence.  We will be experimenting following the scientific method and designing our own projects to investigate.

This second quarter we will be learning about the states of Matter and how it applies to the water cycle.  Students will be observing models of the water cycle to see how water changes states based on heating and cooling.

Happy New Year and welcome back!            
Third quarter we will begin our collaboration among the Specials areas.  This year we will be "Fit Panthers" traveling from the Florida Keys to the state capital Tallahassee.  In Science Lab we will be exploring the various habitats we will encounter on our journey and also learn about various adaptations that plants and animals need to survive in these different habitats.

In our Science Lab we also have several animals.  Donations are always welcome!  Gift cards are the best way to donate. ie. PetSmart, WalMart, Publix.   Remember, every $10.00 = 1 volunteer hr.