Building Permits & Inspections

The Building & Permitting Department provides permitting and inspection services to ensure that all construction projects adhere to the current Florida Building Code, safety standards, and zoning requirements to safeguard the well-being and interests of the Town of Oakland.


Current Building Code: 7th Edition (2020) Florida Building Code


Town of Oakland has contracted Willdan Engineering, Inc. to serve as the Building & Permit Department for the Town. The Building & Permit Department staff sits offsite.  

  • Building Permit Team
    • Building Official – Mark Vasquez, CBO, CBCO, CFM
    • Permit Technicians – Amber Brady and Tanya Grey
    • Inspections – William Mandt
  • How to Contact the Building Permit Department if you have any questions:
  • Hours:
    • Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  •  Submitting building permit(s): (see Permit Forms and Other Documents at bottom of page)
    • All applications must be submitted in an electronic format.
    • Please contact the Building & Permit Department for additional guidance if needed.
  • To setup Inspection please contact William Mandt directly via email:
    • Information Required:
      • Permit Number
      • Site Address
      • Inspection Type
      • Requested: Day, Date, and Time for Inspection
  • Town of Oakland Contact:
    • Phone: 407-656-1117

Fee Payment:

  • Building Permit Payments that go directly to the Town of Oakland can be made two ways:
    1. Credit Card: (credit card processing fee)
      • By phone: 407-656-1117
      • In person at the Town of Oakland Administration Building
        • Location Address: 230 North Tubb Street, Oakland, FL 34760
    2. Check:
      • By mail
        • Address: P.O. Box 98, Oakland, FL 34760
      • In person at the Town of Oakland Administration Building
  • For Invoice payments specified to be made to other municipalities (City of Winter Garden or City of Clermont) or Orange County Public Schools:
    1. City of Clermont:
      • Check – made out to the City of Clermont
      • Mail or drop off check to the Town of Oakland Administrative Building
    2. City of Winter Garden:
      • Check – made out to the City of Winter Garden
      • Contact the City of Winter Garden directly for the best payment method.
    3. Orange County Public Schools (OCPS):
      • Check is made out to OCPS
      • Mail or drop off check to the Town of Oakland Administrative Building

Permit Forms

Private Provider Forms

Other Documents

Owner-Builder Affidavit process and requirement:

Owner-Builder Affidavit Form

The owner of a property may be exempt from hiring a qualified contractor to do the work anticipated by the permit application under specific circumstances listed in Sec. 489.103(7), Florida Statutes. One of the requirements is "an owner must personally appear and sign the building permit application and must satisfy local permitting agency requirements, if any, proving that the owner has a complete understanding of the owner’s obligations under the law as specified in the disclosure statement in this section." To meet this requirement, theOwner-Builder Affidavit must be executed in front of Town staff at Town Hall during normal business hours. It is the responsibility of the Owner to send the notarized document via email to Willdan at