Special Events Application


The Town's special events ordinance was approved by the Town Commission in December 2022. It governs how the Town manages and permits special events by defining what constitutes a special event, determining when such events would require Commission approval, and creating a standardized method for levying fees to cover the real costs associated with such events. 

Special events are defined as: Any activity, ceremony, exhibition, show, concert, pageant, rally, parade, demonstration, or assembly other than the normal day-to-day or seasonal operations of concerns licensed or established within the town. In general, special events will have impacts on a significant number of neighboring properties and/or traffic circulation within a portion of the town. Special events are classified according to their size and location.

You may need a special event permit from the Town of Oakland if you meet any of the below criteria: 

Public Event - Any activity open to the public where at least 150 persons are expected to be present at one time and no street closure is necessary. 

Large Public Event - A public event for which closure of one or more street or trail segments is requested. 

Street Party - Any event where a significant portion will occur in the street right of way, including events sponsored by a neighborhood or homeowners association, regardless of the planned number of attendees.