Police Department

The Oakland Police Department is comprised of a diverse and dedicated group of professionals who serve their community as police officers and civilian staff. Each is dedicated to making the Town of Oakland a safe haven for residents and visitors alike. By combining professional police practices with a community oriented philosophy we work hard to dissuade the criminal element, while treating everyone with dignity and respect.

Responsibilities & Duties

Our officers perform a myriad of tasks, from patrolling town streets, to enforcing traffic laws. You may find them reading to students at the charter school or at a neighborhood watch meeting speaking about home security to a group of residents. They respond to crimes in progress and do follow-up investigations. During the school year you will see them in front of the school directing traffic each day. After dark you may see them checking the rear of closed businesses to prevent burglaries from occurring. Many of our officers are bicycle certified so don’t be surprised if you see one peddling a police bike up the West Orange Trail. They have also been known to stop and shoot baskets with neighborhood kids.