Uniform Patrol

The Patrol Division is the backbone of the Oakland Police Department. It is the largest and most visible component of our Police Department. It is the largest agency. Patrol officers perform a myriad of duties, all geared toward the prevention of crime and the proper investigation of incidents that do occur. Providing a high level of service to the residents of Oakland is a primary objective of everyone assigned to the Patrol Division.


The responsibilities of the Patrol Division include the following:
  • Preservation of the peace, protection of life and property and crime prevention
  • Enforcement of all state laws and town ordinances
  • The preliminary investigation of all crimes and significant events
  • Traffic enforcement and education
  • Traffic crash investigations
  • Participate in community and school events
  • Business and residential checks
  • Assist other Town Departments such as Fire-Rescue and Code Enforcement
  • Providing information and other assistance to residents and visitors
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There are currently 12 full time officers assigned to the Patrol Division. They are supplemented by 4 reserve officers who assist when needed.