Criminal Investigations Unit

Criminal Incidents

The Criminal Investigations Unit (CIU) is committed to the full and complete investigation of all crimes committed in the Town of Oakland, as well as the vigorous pursuit of those responsible. Most incidents are initially investigated by members of the Patrol Division. In certain major cases a member of the CIU may respond to the crime scene to assist patrol officers. Unsolved crimes are forwarded to the CIU for follow-up.

Those assigned to the CIU work closely with the State Attorney’s Office to make sure that cases are moving properly through the court system. They obtain search and arrest warrants from Judges and ensure that the proper reports related to these warrants are completed.
Members of the CIU meet with their counterparts from other municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies. They share intelligence on crime trends and wanted persons. Additionally those assigned to CIU belong to various law enforcement associations devoted to the investigation of homicides, frauds, auto theft, identity theft and sex crimes.

Professional Standards

The CIU also serves as a quality control component of the Oakland Police Department. Because CIU conducts background investigations on those seeking employment, they ensure that new members of our department are quality individuals with a satisfactory work history and good moral character.

The CIU is also responsible for conducting internal affairs investigations into allegations of misconduct or violations of department policy by any member of the police department.

As a means of improving the performance of the police department and in providing the residents of Oakland the type of service that they expect and deserves, our agency:
  • Seeks feedback from our citizens on how we might improve our level of service.
  • Welcomes commendations from citizens who believe our personal may have performed admirably.
  • Encourages questions and/or complaints regarding our performance or the actions of our employees whenever there is a concern.