Signs, called “snipe signs” and “bandit signs,” are illegal in almost every Central Florida municipality. In Oakland, however, these signs will be removed almost immediately after they are placed.

Oakland Zoning Code §16.1.3 A states ”any sign placed on public property, including rights-of-way,“ is prohibited. This includes the street spam that frequently advertises questionable multi-level marketing or work-at-home schemes, dubious weight loss plans, credit repair and predatory lenders. This provision of the Zoning Code is aggressively enforced, to protect workers that must scale utility poles (the nails and staples that are used to attach signs to poles are a safety hazard), prevent blight resulting from visual clutter, and preserve the town’s unique and sensitive visual environment. Snipe signs are usually removed and disposed by Town staff within 24 hours of posting.

The Town takes formal code enforcement action against repeat offenders, including fines, removal fees and referral to the Code Enforcement Magistrate.