Many parents have been asking if I have a Classroom Wish List. i have created one and you may it below:

5 Sets of the Board Game Clue

(Walmart has them for $8.77 each)

Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble gift cards so that I may stock up my classroom library shelves with new books. Amazon tends to sell their books much cheaper than Barnes and Noble, though.

Two bean bag chairs - Colors: Washed Blue & Turquoise
On sale now for $43 each (The link is posted directly below if you choose to purchase through Target.)

Sunbeam 10 drawer rolling cart $39.99 (It can be found on Amazon, and I have posted the link directly below.)

Giant post-it notes (Link below - from Amazon)

If you want to help your children and/or supplement what I am doing in the classroom, you can find available resources below. Whether it is reading various fictional short stories online (Google is best for finding those), or it is reading non-fiction texts, articles, and magazines, you can always help by encouraging students to read at home as well.
Please use the following sites as guides to help practice important skills: for building understanding of informational text. This site also has quizzes after each article that students may take to help improve comprehension and domain-specific vocabulary. for grammar skills, language skills, and random literature-based comprehension skills. for practice in ELA in a student-specific way. for access to the FSA Portal. This provides information all about the FSA! Please familiarize yourself with this website, as the FSA is approaching faster with each passing day!