Behavior Plan and Expectations

In the classroom the students will be following the CHAMPS board. The students themselves decide what their expectation is for each part of the day. Noise level, help tasks, activity, movement, participation, and success. If they are not following this standard that is displayed in the classroom, they will be given a warning. If they need to be redirected again, they maybe asked to move their number clip down to Yellow on our classroom color chart. Every child starts the day on Green. Moving to Yellow means they will have to walk laps at recess the current or following day depending on the time of the incident. If they have to move down to Red there will be parent contact and recess will be lost. The students also have the option of moving up to Blue. This is for students who are going above and beyond the daily expectations and showing great character. If they make it to Blue for the day, they receive $50 in Classroom Economy money. 

Grade Level Behavior Expectations

  • Come to school prepared and ready to learn
  • Have a positive attitude and give your best effort
  • Be proud of who you are and proud of your work

  • Include everyone when I play and I will use sportsman like behavior
  • Solve problems without force or hurtful words
  • Use kind words and helpful manners

  • Follow school  rules in cafeteria and on the playground
  • Keep your school environment clean
  • Be careful when using school equipment

General Expectations and Responsibilities

  • Walk at all times and speak quietly.
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself.
  • Respect other’s space. 

  • Keep the bathrooms clean and wash your hands. 
  • Use good bathroom manners and speak quietly.
  • Report any problems to a teacher.