Grade Level Goals and Expectations

It is my goal the each student will perform on or above grade level in Math and Science by the end of the fifth grade year.

Math Goals:
Students will be learning many different concepts this school year. The students will be learning:
- Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals
Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions
- Place value of numbers of whole numbers and decimals
- Rounding whole numbers and decimals
- Converting measurements
- Organizing data via Line Plots
- Plotting Points and creating tables based on a coordinate grid
- Volume of Rectangular Prisms

Math is taught in Small groups with a little time being used as whole group teaching. Students will be able to work independently advancing their skills as well as using technology to delve deeper into current curriculum. Students will be using many different approaches to make sure that advancement and gains are being met. 

Science Goals:
The students will be learning many different concepts this year. They will be learning the topics of:
- Solar System 
- Moon Phases
- Properties of Matter
- Water Cycle
- Weather and Climate
- Forms of Energy
- Organs and Body Systems
- Force and Motion
- Electricity and Circuits
- Changes in Environment
- Plant and Animal Adaptations

The students will be doing many hands-on activities. We will be creating projects, working in groups, doing small experiements, and delving deeper into their knowledge.The more we do that is hands-on, the more the students will retain the knowledge.