Behavior Plan and Expectations


OACS is continuing the Behavior Plan put into place last year for all of the Special Area classes: PE, Art, Living Well, Music, and STEM Lab.  Your students are already very aware of this system, but we wanted to put in writing for all families to read and understand.  


Each day, every classroom visits a Special Area class during their scheduled Specials time.  All students are expected to follow all rules, procedures, and expectations for each classroom.  We will use in class incentives to reinforce positive behavior.


 If there are individual behavior issues resulting in 3 or more verbal warnings during a class period, then that student will receive an orange Warning Ticket. If you see an orange ticket come home in your child's agenda, please look at it to see what special area and what the behavior code is.  Use this to discuss the incident with your child and use it as a learning point to hopefully prevent the same things from happening again.  


We will also use in class incentives to reinforce positive behavior.


We hope this fully explains the plan to you.  


Thank you for your time and support!


The Specials Team