Additional Information

Extra Credit Policy:

The students are allowed and encouraged to do extra credit whenever they would like. I will give an opportunity for extra credit every quarter, however, anything additional the students will have to do on their own. 

For science, the students can create their own experiments, posters, research or anything to show that they are expanding their knowledge on a subject that we have previously learned. This is to be done completely on their own and will be graded based on the information collected and the time and quality of work put into it. 

For Math, the students can either create something like a poster or presentation, or the student can get some worksheets and complete them on their own. These can be based on any of the topics we have previously learned or are currently studying. Credit will be given based on the work done, time and quality put into it. 

All extra credit assignments are entered in on progress book in the minimum grade category. 

Some helpful websites for Extra Credit Math Papers:                        

Honor Roll Policy:The criteria is as follows:

Honor Roll~~~~~~~~~~~~receive all A's and B's in academics on their report card

Principal’s Honor Roll~~~~~~~~receive all A's in academics~~~~~~~~~receive all O's or S's for Social Development and Work Habits