Larry Kimpel - Physical Education

   Hello, my name is Larry Kimpel and I’m the Physical Education Instructor for the 2018-2019 year. I live in 

Winter Garden where I live with my wife and two wonderful daughters. Rosita, my wife is a Spanish 

teacher at Foundation Academy where my youngest daughter Kassie is a Junior. My oldest daughter, 

Kaylyn is a senior at Mississippi College.  My wife is from the country of Chile SA. This will be my 28th 

year of teaching PE. All of those have been in Orange County, Florida with 24 years being in Orange 

County Public Schools. My experiences also include nearly 25years of coaching volleyball. I’m bringing a 

lot of experiences with me to Oakland Avenue. This includes a large amount of materials, equipment, 

and ideas as we hit the ground running. One of the biggest reasons it’s so exciting for me to be here is the 

amount on new activities and equipment that the children will be using and taking part in. Not only will 

the kids be learning new things but, the opportunity expand their creativity and adventuresome spirit. 

As in the past, Field Day will be a lot of fun for the kids this year.  However, it will be themed and 

uniquely different. Teachers will play a key role indifferent activities. We will also be having special 

guest that will stop by at different times, showing us how to play Badminton, Jump Roping, etc.

 Activities will include Tennis, Exerstriders, Soccer, Volleyball, Creative Games, Plyometric, Fitness 

Testing, Jump Roping, etc. There’s a possibility we will be doing Archery for the older grades.