Grade Level Goals and Expectations

Previewing Third Grade

Students should have a thorough understanding of addition and subtraction facts entering the third grade. A significant portion of the year will focus on multiplication, division, fractions, and measurement.

Language arts will include spelling, grammar, responding to literature, as well as narrative, persuasive, and expository writing. In reading, we focus on developing stronger reading comprehension skills and digging deeper for understanding of text.

In science, we will be studying matter, energy, space, and animal/plant life. In social studies, we will investigate the similarities and differences within North America. In addition, we will learn an introduction to government and economics.

Third Grade Goals:

-master multiplication facts 0-12

-read grade level texts independently

-build strong decoding skills and utilize critical thinking skills in reading and math

-develop students into exceptional writers

-inspire students to learn more about their culture and how science affects our lives

Honor Roll

-receive all As and Bs in academics on their report card

Principal’s Honor Roll

-receive all As in academics

-receive all Os or Ss for Social Development and Work Habits