Building Permit Information


Please contact  PDCS, LLC (Oakland) for all permit documentation requirements, Contractor Licensing / Liability Insurance questions you may call  PDCS, LLC (acting as the Town Building Official) at (407) 277-9795.

 ** Notice to Contractors:  The Town of Oakland does not maintain a registry for Contractor Licensing.  Each permit must contain all documentation as noted below. **

 **  Please allow, at least, working 5 days for Building Permit review and approval. **

 If you are inquiring about your permit availability for payment and pick-up, zoning information  please contact Town of Oakland Planning & Zoning at (407) 656-1117 (x2108).

Building Permit Instructions

  • Step 1: Review submittal requirements, fees, and more at  PDCS, LLC (Oakland) . For permit requirement questions call  PDCS, LLC (acting as the Town Building Official) at (407) 277-9795

  • Step 2: Fill out the Building Permit Application

  • Step 3: Submit application and other necessary documents at the Town Hall or Application Packages may be emailed to

  • Step 4: You will be contacted via e-mail when your permit is approved and ready for in-person pickup and payment.

  • Step 5: All payments for Building Permit shall be made by Check, Money Order or Cash. Checks shall be made payable to the Town of Oakland , unless notified otherwise.

  • Required with every permit:

    • Copy of Current State Business License

    • Copy of Certificate of General Liability Insurance

    • Copy of Workers’ Compensation (or a copy of exemption form)

 For Current or Past (after September 2015) Permit Searches
, please visit View Permits

 For Past (before September 2015) Permit Searches, please visit Orange County Fast-Track

 For Building Inspections please call PDCS, LLC (acting as the Town Building Official) at (407) 277-9795 or visit Inspection Request.

*** Please note that Building Final Certificate of Occupancy (CO) is subject to required inspection by the Planning & Zoning Department, in addition to inspection and signature by the PDCS, LLC  (acting as the Town Building Official) ***