Appearance Review Board


6:30 p.m.

The 1st Tuesday of the month as needed

ARB Members

Lisa Jenkins, Chairman

Tamera Christensen

Raul Loya

Tom Reynolds

Jason Simmes

Duties & Responsibilities 

The duties of this Board are to review and recommend architectural qualities of newly proposed structures in the Commercial and Gateway Corridor areas of the Town to ensure the Town's character and Code are being met.

The ARB meets the 1st Tuesday of each month as needed at 6:30 pm and may also from time to time meet for work sessions.

 We need 2 more alternate member for this Board.  If you are interested, please contact Town Clerk Elise Hui at 407-656-1117 x2110.

Town of Oakland
The Town of Oakland prides itself with it's "small town" feel.  Our commitment is to Smart Growth so that we never lose that.  Our Boards, Committees and Commission are dedicated citizens of the Town.  They are your neighbors and want the same quality of living that you do.  These are volunteers trying to make a difference and to make sure your voice is heard.  If you happen to see any of these volunteers while you're out, please remember to thank them for their service to your Town.
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